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Condominium Developers Association elects new team

Commits to uplift Sri Lankan condominium industry to compete with the other markets in the region

The Condominium Developers Association of Sri Lanka(CDASL) has made several timely amendments and resolutions to issues faced by the condominium developers over time, in order to facilitate and expedite business processes for the rapid development of the sector. CDASL being the premier association in Sri Lanka, representing the condominium developers, has over 35 members who are of good repute.

Through its efforts the CDASL aims to uplift the condominium industry, which accounts for a significant number of small and medium sized enterprises(SMEs), corporates, and conglomerates ranging from building material providers, to manufacturers and installers of a range of finished goods and equipment, logistics providers, as well as providing employment to a large segment of skilled workers in the country over 250,000 persons as of late 2021.